The £20 Game Challenge

Just over two years ago, I came up with the £25 Game Challenge. In summary, it was a rule preventing me from paying over £25 for any game.

And, in that time I only broke the rule once, except that somehow, I hadn’t.

So the time has come to update the challenge. Looking at every game I’ve bought in the last year or so, not a single one has cost me more than £20. Why not, then, drop the limit to £20? It should be perfectly do-able, right?

Lets hope so!

Here’s the rules, recycled from last time:

I will no longer pay more than £20 for a game.

Hopefully the pay-offs will be three-fold:

  1. I will save money (obviously)
  2. I will, in a very small way, be protesting about the high cost of games
  3. I won’t buy so many launch-day games that I don’t play for months

The latter in particular is a big thing. If I pay £40 at launch, and then don’t play it for six months, the chances are the price will have come down. OK, so I run the risk of never actually buying the game, but that’s better than the risk of buying it and never actually playing it, yes?

However, there will be some exceptions to this £20 Rule:

  • If I have loyalty points, gift vouchers, store credit, etc. then these don’t count in the £20.
  • If the game is, say, £25, but is in a “2 for £40” offer, then the price counts as £20 if I buy both.
  • For games that include extra hardware (Guitar Hero, for example) I am allowed to pay over £20, but never full price.
  • Any postage costs are not part of the £20.

So, anyone fancy joining me in The £20 Game Challenge?

5 thoughts on “The £20 Game Challenge”

  1. I’ve sort of being doing this too but without a specific limit

    I refuse to pay full launch day prices but depending on the game depends on what i’m willing to pay for it

    I picked up Batman recently for £16 and now I’ve played it i’d have happily paid double that

  2. Hi there!
    I’ve done that living in Japan – staying at around 2000 Yen per game (okay,so 2200 would be fine and so on) and I try this in Germany too, staying at 20 Euros. I only break that rule to buy launch day games I desperately want to play, that’s all. And it really saves money; as long as you don’t spend it for other geeky stuff 😉

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