From the Dawn of Time – Pixel Art

From the Dawn of Time – Pixel Art

Inspired by the FANTASTIC piggy I drew earlier, I decided to have a look for the previous “pixel art” I’d done about 12 years ago on the Amiga. I shouldn’t have bothered – they were far worse to look at than I remembered.

There was a system on the Amiga for higher quality (than standard) icons for programs, games, files and folders called NewIcons. I’d installed it on my Amiga, but couldn’t find icons for a few things. So I created my own.

NewIcons had two states too – clicked and not-clicked, so each icon needed two images.

Anyway, here they are!

Amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree.


  1. I wish I still had some of my Amiga DPaint pixel work. I created a number of short cartoons featuring my own mashup creation of Judge Lemming (That’s Judge Death and Psygnosis’s Lemmings).

    They’d often be about Judge Lemming patrolling the streets of Mega City One (Perhaps I called it Lemming City One) dealing justice out to the punk Lemmings that roamed around.

    I remember on a number of occasions taking the day off school so I could waste the day creating animbrushes.

    Good days.

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