A £20 confession

A £20 confession

You know the £20 Rule? That one where I pledged I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for a game? It’s great, isn’t it?

It used to be a £25 Rule, but I made it harder. I’ve spent three years sticking to it too, and I’ve done really well – only breaking it once (but thanks to Game screwing up my payment for Fallout 3, I ended up not breaking it).

But now I have a confession.

On Thursday last week, I had a minor brain aneurysm and somehow managed to pre-order the Fallout New Vegas Collector’s Edition from Game. Like with Oblivion and Fallout 3 before it, I couldn’t help but buy the special version with extra crap. In the case of New Vegas, you get some poker chips, a deck of cards, and a book. And some other stuff.

As you’ve probably guessed now, this little splurge cost a little over my £20 limit. Just a little. I mean, it was only £70.


I did manage to lose a bit of that via Quidco cashback, and a bit through cashing in some Game loyalty points, and there is a clause in the £20 Rule that states I can go over £20 if the game includes extra hardware, but even so – I’m not sure some playing cards can account for almost £50 of that.

Oh well. I suppose if I’m going to break the rule, I may as well go all out, right?


  1. Other way of looking at it is to think of all the money you’ve saved over the last three years. It would have easily covered the extra £50. I’d think a special edition falls under the “extra hardware” clause though 😉

    I follow a similar rule but i’m not quite as strict as you – I go to £30. £35 if it’s something I really want but that is rare. I’m very tempted by the Halo Reach Special Edition since i’ve got the Halo 3 special edition already!

  2. I used to have a £10 rule back when all I had was a second-hand Dreamcast, PS2 and Gamecube (2007, in other words). Stuck to it, too.

    But the 360 has pushed that up to £20, same as you (although I try to keep it below £15 – Gears for a fiver… oh yes!) and New Vegas is just soooo tempting.

    Seventy quid is bloody insane though, you maniac. 😛

    Duncan Snowden
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