Play Progress Bar Champion!

Play Progress Bar Champion!

I got so fed up with playing Progress Bar Champion on my Xbox 360, that I decided to write a version to inflict on everyone else. Have “fun”!

[swfobj src=”” width=”400″ height=”140″ align=”center”]


  1. Just like my real 360, all update progress is lost when you turn it off, and then you have to start again!

    And yes, it probably should be green. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’ve never written anything in Flash before!

  2. Graphics: 2/10. Nice rounded corners on the buttons, but the colours are all wrong.
    Sound: 6/10. I have the radio on in the background, so the sound is ok.
    Gameplay: 8/10. Has that “one more go” quality, just got to make it to the next level!
    Overall: 7/10. Might actually drag me back into PC games!


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