Pound-a-Mile Update – 200 Miles!

Pound-a-Mile Update – 200 Miles!

When I started this, I really didn’t think I’d manage 200 miles in a year. Not without a struggle, anyway. Yet somehow, I’ve hit 200 miles in just my first month. 207.87 miles, to be more precise.

Not only that, but I’ve also forced myself to cycle every day so far this year. OK, so one of those days was on an exercise bike due to my inner tube literally EXPLODING and I didn’t have a spare, but still. And I didn’t even count those exercise bike miles in my total. I am, frankly, utterly amazed with myself.

In addition, my best time for 10 miles has dropped from a 52m16 to 44m02, I’ve increased my average ride in the week from 4 miles to almost 7 a day, and have managed my first 15 mile ride (on the 21st of January). I’m feeling much fitter for it as well, and my recovery time after most rides is now virtually nil. I’m even managing hills much more easily than previously, to the point where the gentler of inclines may as well be flat now.

I’m also signing up for a couple of organised rides later in the year – certainly something I never imagined myself doing! And last week, I bought wet lube. Really. For my chain, if you’re wondering.


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