Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for Codebug

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for Codebug

We got a Codebug this week. So naturally, I had to write Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for it. Because that’s what you do with new programming kit.

If you want the code (and you can remix the code if you like – and run it in an emulator so you don’t need the actual device), then you can find it here. Just press the A button to start, then after the, uh, title screen, press A again. To mow, press A.

Maybe in a later version of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for Codebug I’ll include the mower select screen. Or not.

If you’re wondering what a Codebug is, it’s a small device with 25 LEDs and a few external connectors. You program it with a Scratch-like web based drag and drop interface:

Codebug IDE

Once created, you download a compiled file and drop it onto your Codebug, which connects up to your computer like a tiny USB flash drive. And that’s it! Easy! It’s very similar to the upcoming BBC Microbit, which is the reason we got hold of one in the first place.

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