52 Game Challenge

52 Game Challenge

Last year, I took part in RetroCollect‘s 52 Game Challenge, and had great success with it. The idea was to complete 52 games in a single year – that’s one a week on average – something I’d done once previously. I’ve been tracking my game playing since 2005, recording all the games I’ve completed in that time, but 52 games in one year was a rare occurrence.

In 2015 I blew through this challenge with surprising ease, finishing up 84 titles, this is despite Fallout 4 coming out and taking up most of my time for the last two months of the year.

This year was off to a slow start. I was still into Fallout 4 and it was mid-January before I finished that. After many months of Puzzle & Dragons Z on the 3DS I’m still stuck on the final boss (and so am grinding for better dragons and levelling up). That said, I’m back on target to get 52 done: We’re in Week 7 of 2016 and I’ve completed 7 games.

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