Let’s Play! Wheelie

Let’s Play! Wheelie

Thinking back to the magical C60 tape I’ve been referring to for the last few weeks in my Let’s Play posts, I’d have to say my favourite and certainly most played game on there was this: Wheelie.

As a child, it actually scared me a bit. A combination of the beepy brake screeching, the flashing border and – on the very rare occasion I reached the end of a level – the creepy Ghost Rider who you have to race back to the start. Shivers. I cautiously played it and loved it though, despite this and the fact it’s completely impossible. Just look at my terrible Game Over, Yeah!! playthrough:

Now, can you do any better? You have to avoid the hedgehogs, jump the buses (properly, not like me), and remember to collect “gas” to ensure you don’t run out of petrol. Get to the end of the level, and race the Ghost Rider back to the start – but be aware that he’s a cheat!

[includeme src=”http://torinak.com/qaop#l=https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/tools/speccygames/Wheelie.tap” frameborder=”0″ width=”440″ height=”330″]

The controls are O/K = Up/Down, V/B = Left/Right.

The emulator used is Qaop/JS – a rather spiffy HTML5 Spectrum emulator.


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