Let’s Play! Type-Rope

Let’s Play! Type-Rope

There’s a scene near the end of Superman III where one of the bad guy’s female underlings gets sort of captured by a supercomputer and wires wrap across her and she turns into some kind of robot. Used to proper scare me as a child, that did. Well, Type-Rope used to scare me too, because it reminded me of it.

The aim of the game is to help Mistertronic (Mastertronic’s badly marketed “mascot” superhero) unwrap his chums by matching pairs of letters and numbers to make the wires (sorry, electrified ropes) disappear. If you don’t do it in time… then I’m pretty sure it’s Superman III all over again.


Turns out, I’m actually pretty good at this these days. Many moons ago when I still pick-and-pecked at the keyboard, my main stumbling block was not being able to find the right keys quickly enough. Nothing some time in the comforting bosom of Mavis Beacon couldn’t rectify of course, but I didn’t have access to that then.

[includeme src=”http://torinak.com/qaop#l=https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/tools/speccygames/TYPEROPE.TAP” frameborder=”0″ width=”440″ height=”330″]

Controls: Press the keys on either end of the wire. It’s pretty straight forward.

The emulator used is Qaop/JS – a rather spiffy HTML5 Spectrum emulator.

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