Best Pokemon Pun Names

Best Pokemon Pun Names

If you’re a Pokémon Go player, and you’re not calling all your pokémon “Dave”, then you’re doing it wrong. However, you can be partially redeemed by naming them one or more of these incredible (mainly) celebrity pun-based monikers. Original Red/Blue/Yellow line-up only of course, as that’s the Pokémon Go way!

Unfortunately, the character limit in the game is somewhat miserly, so you may need to truncate or creatively abridge a few of these fantastic suggestions.

  • Gengareth Gates
  • Paras Hilton
  • Bill Oddish
  • Raticate Middleton
  • Alakazammo McGuire
  • Mew Edwards
  • Phil Wigglytuffnell
  • Dratini Turner
  • Marowakin Phoenix
  • Meowthandie Newton
  • Persian Lloyd
  • Fearowland Rivron
  • Fatty Arbokle
  • Bruce Forscyther
  • Seel Diamond
  • Pete Lapras
  • Charmander Holden
  • Eddie Charizard
  • Horseamantha Fox
  • Jeremy Weedle
  • Jack Spearow
  • Jeff Golbat
  • Rick Gastly
  • Haunterence Trent d’Arby
  • Rhydonald Trump
  • Chansey Laine
  • Tangela Lansbury
  • Donna Kebabra
  • Venonatman John
  • Hypnoel Edmonds
  • Vaporeonald Reagan
  • Nidoranneka Rice
  • Gerry Rattataty
  • Cubone Gooding Jr
  • Drowzeezee Top

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