Game Dev Diary: FR v0.16

freeroam v0.16

This may sound like a very minor update, and indeed when you play it there’s very little different from last time. Even the version number has only jumped 0.01.

However, in the code, there have been some big changes. I’ve scrapped all of the old warp tile detecting routine, and replaced it with something that is more accurate and could be used to detect other things. I’ve created a class for the warp tiles, (which contains things like their ID, which other tile they’re paired with, etc.) and a bit of code to run through all of them in order to draw them. That’s right – they’re not part of the map now.

And as they’re not part of the map, I can animate them! It’s subtle for now, as like all the other graphics they’re simply placeholders, but I can also vary how fast it cycles through animation frames. Again, I can expand this to be other types of tiles too – treasure chests or switches or something.

Oh, and here’s a photo of the actual planning and working out for my game! In an actual book and everything!

Don’t ask me what any of this means, though. I can’t remember.

While I’ve been putting all this together, particularly when I was writing the routine that runs through all the warp tiles, drawing them, I thought of another game I’d like to make. I’m barely progressing with this Freeroam thing as it is so I shouldn’t make a start on this new idea, but for now I can tease a codename: DHALOPHITTRAF. Amazingly, you can pronounce it, RHLSTP (RHLSTP) style.

Anyway, here’s v0.16 of my current project (you can click it to play, remember). Do look for the incredible animation on the warp tiles, won’t you?

(Let’s Play! will return next Friday, by the way)

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