Dear Santa, Please Make Sonic Mania Good

Dear Santa, Please Make Sonic Mania Good

For Christmas, I would like you to make sure that Sonic Mania isn’t terrible. I understand that 1) I’m not a child, and 2) there are perhaps far more important things to ask from you – world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, Norwich to actually win a match, but this is Big.

Many times before I have been hurt by the vicious Sonic Cycle. Oh but it’s different this time! This one will be good. No really it will. Of course, it isn’t. It never is.

Even so called “good” Sonic games, like Sonic Generations and Sonic Colours are rubbish. Sega’s “return to Sonic’s roots” with Sonic 4: Episode 1 (blurgh) and 2 (ded of crap) was nothing of the sort. I’m right to be wary. But. But!

It’s different this time! This one will be good! No really, it will!

sonic mania

Won’t it, Santa? Please? After all, it’s not written by Sega but by fans who have a proven track record for making Sonic games that are better than Sega’s output. They’ve already made 2D Sonic games that look, feel, sound and play like Sonic 4 should have done. They can’t go wrong with Sonic Mania, surely?

Still the Sonic Cycle exists, though. It knows. Like the Dahaka, it cannot be outrun, and any Sonic game’s fate cannot be changed. The only hope is that somehow, the developers obtain a water sword and manage to defeat the Cycle.

Yes, that’s a Prince of Persia reference there.

So please, Santa: I’ve been a very good boy all year and so I think I deserve a proper Sonic game in 2017. I’ve waited such a long time for one, and playing Sonic Blast and Sonic Triple Trouble recently only made me want a decent one even more.

Oh, and if you could make sure it’s ported to the Nintendo Switch, that’d be just smashing.

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