Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.07

Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.07

I’ve done some more! There’s almost a game to play! Catsssss!

There’s still a fair amount to be done here, but aside from not dealing with what happens when the catvaders reach the bottom of the screen, it’s actually playable.

I’ve implemented levels, with a bonus score for completing each one. Also, every consecutive level increases the frequency of catvader fire.

You’ll also notice I’ve some “shield” bases too, which can be destroyed by both friendly and enemy fire. Speaking of fire, catvaders have some now. Player “bullets” are also smaller than before, and look a bit better as a result.

Things still left to do:

  1. Sort the catvaders at the bottom issue.
  2. Speed up player bullets.
  3. Speed up catvaders as their number decreases.
  4. Implement some sort of flying saucer.
  5. Sound.
  6. Music.
  7. Make a proper title screen.
  8. Make a proper game over screen.
  9. Make a proper player sprite.

Anyhoo, have a go at the latest “build” below:

[includeme src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”400″ height=”400″]

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