Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.15

Game Dev Diary: Asset Reuse Invaders v0.15

I’ve implemented a few major changes since my last update on this. First up, is the new ufocat – it flies left or right across the top of the screen, and awards the player with 25 shiny points should it be shot.

Once I’d programmed that in, though, I realised how badly it needed the ewewewewewewew noise too, so set about creating some sound effects. Blips and bloops and CRSSSHSHHSes. You might want to turn your speakers off.

As an aside, and just to show process and stuff, here’s my spritesheet:

Like all good games, you’ll notice some unused sprites.

Things still to do include some sort of pause when the player dies, and perhaps tweak the difficulty a bit because can I get past level 5? Can I hell. And it’s my bloody game.

Can you beat level 5?

[includeme src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”400″ height=”400″]

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