Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-08-28

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-08-28

Just a brief post, as I’ve been busy.


Sonic Mania (Switch)
This is properly good. I’ve completed it twice (as Sonic with and without the emeralds) and almost a third time as Knuckles. I’ve at least got Silver for all the bonus levels, and I’m having a blast. The Sonic Cycle is dead!

Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
Spoilers, sorry, because anything I say about the game at this point would be. Look away now, or something.

So I’ve rescued Nanako but things got complicated and the suspect didn’t do it and now we know who the real one is (probably) and he’s gone missing. In Social Link news, I’ve maxed out the Nurse, Yosuke, Chie and Yokiko, as well as the Fool one. I’ve ranked up Rise to 7 or 8 in addition to raising a few others.

Final stretch now!

Lego City Undercover (Switch)
Around 88% complete!


The same stuff as before, only not Sonic Mania as I have that already of course.


Nothing. Well, my hands/skin etc. but no games.


Sonic Mania was £11.99, but that was all.

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