The Apps That Apple Killed

The Apps That Apple Killed

Today is the day that Apple went 64bit only on both iOS and macOS (well, OK – that’s in a few days), meaning all those 32bit only apps that haven’t been updated are dead to you should you decide to upgrade your operating system.

Thankfully, in a way, I won’t be moving to iOS 11 any time soon. Not because of this, but because I have a large number of devices and cables that iOS 10.3.3 have rendered “unsupported” because Apple didn’t licence them or something. I’m not ditching all them, so 10.3.2 is where I’m staying for the foreseeable future. Unless iOS 11 is more accepting? I doubt it.

I was interested, however, to see what apps I have on my phone that would no longer be available to me.

To be honest, very few of these ever get used. Some, such as WiFinder and Distant Suns stopped working properly ages ago anyway so I should probably have deleted them already. Bookworm crashes when I try to load it.

Flight Control and Harbour Master were some of the first games I ever got for my iPhone, way back when I purchased a shiny new 3GS all them years ago, so I’ve some nostalgic attachment to them even if I haven’t played them in almost as many years.

Touch Mouse was useful when I used to connect my laptop to my telly to play PC games, but I do that via Steam Link now. Various media players and connectors are no longer of use to me.

In fact, the only apps there I regularly use are Night Clock, Adobe Ideas (although I forget which of the two with that name is the good one) and Recordium. I can imagine I can easily replace those. Oh, and Peggle Classic (actually, my daughter rather than me), which can’t be replicated.

It’s a shame they’re going, although as I said – it won’t really affect me. Yet at least.

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