Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online

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Got myself a bit more money, and then decided to see if I couldn’t upgrade some weapons and stuff. And couldn’t, as they’re all far too expensive. So I decided to try the Trade Skill functions, and make myself a weapon instead.

This involved more than I thought – I needed a recipe, a construction kit, and four items. I managed to combine the first two items, but then found my Computer Literacy wasn’t of a high enough level for the next one. Luckily, some helpful person in the shape of a Batmobile combined the last few bits for me. Meijong, I think their name was. Anyway, I have a shiny new axe-that-looks-like-a-sickle, but haven’t got the 1337 skillz to wield it yet. Still, it cost me a lot less than one of similar power, so when I go up another couple of levels, I can use it. Probably.

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