Atari Anthology

Atari Anthology

Played this for the first time today. It’s a collection of some 65 or so Atari 2600 games, and 15 or so Atari arcade games. The bizarre side-effect of this, is that there are two versions of many games (such as Pong, Battlezone and Asteroids). Anyway, I played Adventure (and completed it on Level 2) mainly to see if I could remember the routes through the mazes. I could, but I seemed to be far crapper at the game than I recall.

I had a go on the arcade version of Lunar Lander then, which is hard as your ship is minute on the screen and you can’t tell which way you’re pointing. At least, not until you get nearer the ground and the screen “zooms in”, to show you hurtling towards a crag nose-first.

After trying a few others (including the garishly coloured, painful on the eyes arcade version of Missile Command, and the impossible to control with a stick Breakout), and watching some of the chopped up Nolan Bushnell interviews, I’m mildly impressed. It doesn’t have as many great games as Activision Anthology (which had Frostbite, Pitfall and Keystone Kapers), but it’s a decent collection nonetheless.

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