Paper Mario 2

Paper Mario 2

Finally completed the whole of Chapter 4 today. Had to kill the baddie-with-no-name again, after finding out what his name was. It was bizarre, as since everyone thinks he’s you, your partners are on his team, so you have to deal with them too. And you have a baddie on your team, just to make things even more upside-down.

After that, I wandered round Rogueport for a bit, “upgraded” two of my partners, and found out where I had to go next – an island somewhere. I then had to find the owner of the ship at the harbour, and find (and convince) a navigator to come with us. Caught up with Luigi and his “hilarious” tales too, before setting sail. En route, a

Spoiler Inside SelectShow
happens. As you’d expect, really. Anyway, killed a few things on the island and explored a bit before turning it off.

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