Paper Mario 2

Paper Mario 2

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Went back to this for a couple more hours. I’ve done a few errands on the island, and gone up about three levels now. I’m mostly putting badge points up when I level-up, as these seem to be the most important things at the moment, not least that there are a few ice-based attacked they give you – useful against the fire-based baddies on the island! I also have another member in my party too, who has a couple of nifty moves.

Solved a puzzle to get in a cave, although it was blatently obvious what you had to do. Also blatently obvious is who one of the ship crew actually is, especially since he practically tells you twice. Anyway, went through what seems to be most of the cave, and killed a load of things and solved another small puzzle. Looks like I’ll be getting the “turn into a boat” ability soon too, since I keep seeing the panels you have to stand on to do it, and also there are a few things in the water I can’t reach yet, but need…

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