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Went on two quests today. The first was a fairly long one, into the Bandit Camp to find out more about my lost sister. Of course, [spoiler], which wasn’t entirely unexpected. Getting there took longer than it needed to, as I fought my way through the Darkwood again to get there, when I could have just teleported to Oakvale and cut the journey short. Before getting into the camp at all, there was a stealth bit (and I hate stealth bits), but luckily I found you only need to hide in one place and leg it at an appropriate time. And then collect bandit garb to pass as a bandit. Twinblade was the boss at the end of the quest, and I killed him fairly easily one I figured out his moves. I spared his life, ‘cos I’m nice.

Back to the Guild, and spent some XP, and then went out to find the Archeologist. To get past a door demon thingie, I had to spell out the door’s name using some rocks. The rocks were H, I, D and S, but the name was HITS. Stupid lisping rock voice. Of course, I spelt SHID to see what happened, and was attacked by two Balverines. Archeologist found, job done.

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