RUBBISH. Even though I saved last night, I had to start the current quest all over again. That meant killing the wasps, Hobbes, and Balverines again. Bah. At least they didn’t take too long. After them, came some Bandits (easy), the Undead (very easy), two Earth Trolls (difficult, since when attacking one, the other hits you), two Rock Trolls (ditto, but worse) and then Arachanox. Regardless of his name, Arachanox is a scorpion, and was very easy to kill, once I managed to get away from being pinned against a wall unable to move for ten minutes. Then Jack of Blades declared Whisper and I winners, and I had to fight her.

Once she was down to almost no energy, I had to choose whether to kill her or walk away. I did the latter, and had a chat with Jack who gave me my prizes and told me about my mother (who is also alive – those Bandits didn’t seem to do a very good job of killing everyone at all). I seem to have acquired a Halo now too, and I’ve bought the title “Gladiator” as “Arseface” was annoying me.

Met up with my sister again, and killed some zombies. As you do.

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