Leisure Suit Larry: ENDERIFIED

Leisure Suit Larry: ENDERIFIED

Wow. Four games in five weeks. That’s about as many games as last year in total, I think. Excellent.

So, the last round of Swingles meant a chat-minigame, which was easy right up to the last bit which was hard, meaning I failed twice and had to redo the whole three-minute chat again. And again. After that, I eliminated Barbera Jo (bouncy as she was), and moved on to a Dance-in-our-Pants minigame, which was pretty easy. Then the final decision: Morgan (D&D geek) or Suzi (S&M freak). Morgan it was. And onto the end. Aw, she loves me.

Luckily, the Porn Fairy can be found after you complete the game, and sells you the alternative endings so you needn’t do it all again. Thank god – I’m minigamed out.

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