Sonic Adventure DX: FINISH0RED

Sonic Adventure DX: FINISH0RED

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Well, that was quick. OK, so I’ve only finished it with Sonic, but from what I recall of the DC game, Tails’ levels are much the same, and everyone else is crap. Probably.

Although the last few levels were harder (except the actual last level – that was unnervingly easy for a Sonic finalé), the only times I died were when the camera went squiffy or I just fell through seemingly solid scenery. Tch. The game tells me that I can also play with Big and E-102 now, should I feel that way inclined. I notice too that I haven’t unlocked any Game Gear games yet. I suspect I need more emblems, rings, or complete missions before I get them. I did try a few missions, but they seem to mostly be dull fetch quests. Great.

Anyhoo, that’s 5 games so far. Excellent, Ambassador.

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