Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure DX

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I never did complete Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, for whatever reason. Probably had something to do with having ten billion games or summat. Decided to give this a go, seeing as it has been sat on my shelf now for some four months or so.

Have finished three “action” levels with Sonic so far, which alarmingly seems to be 25% done (according to the saved game file). I know there are other characters, but still. An improvement over the DC original is the Free Camera using the C-stick. It doesn’t help much in the action levels, but in and around Station Square and Mystic Ruins (etc.) you really need it. Still camera issues though.

Hatched three Chao, including a silver one I found in Mystic Ruins near the waterfall. Named one Chewy, as I expect they are. Obviously spent the bulk of my play on the game today actually doing levels, finishing after the Casino when the game abruptly crashed. Tch.

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