Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon: SLAYERED

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon: SLAYERED

The wine puzzle was obvious once I’d read George’s notes. Thankfully – I was feeling stuck. I then had another annoying Sam Fisher moment, and found the Templars hiding. They knighted George, and gave him the Phi stone, to go with his Omega and Alpha stones. On returning to the “gang”, the location of Susarro was figured out (the exact location, that is) and it was off to Eygpt.

Another sneak-past-the-guards section later, and we were inside the Armillary, where the Dragon Power was to be switched on. First, I had to open a door (with the three stones), and then solve a silly “three things across the river” logic puzzle, which was easy. Suzarro had already activated the device, but a sudden twist in the story, and he was dead – and we were trapped in the Armillary. Er, except a simple crate puzzle (oh joy!) got us out.

Then to Glastonbury! Harry parked his plane outside the local pub, and Nico and George set off to find [the plot twist character spoiler] – which involved another crate puzzle. But it was too late – he’d started to activate the power, and turn into a dragon! And then, the most stupid thing EVER happened (involving King Arthur, Excalibur, the dragon, and a ridiculous run-and-dodge section) and the dragon was slayed! Hooray! No more crate pushing puzzles to do!

And the game was over. The end. All done. Completed.

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