Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Wandered around outside as Nico, solving another crate puzzle (or rather, the same one again), and got myself a card. I then went back inside and got it validated, and it was into the basement. Walked through it a little, and then a shadow appeared…

…and play swapped to George, trapped in a laundry room. Bashing open the door, I find myself in the basement too. Where George and Nico meet up again. Found Bruno, although Susarro is with him, and they escape to Egypt. We head back to Paris, and after a chat with some of the other characters, George goes off to the sewers.

Apparently, he’d been here before in the first Broken Sword game. A few puzzles needed to be solved before actually decending, and then once in I had a guard to distract (with a microwave). I’m now stuck in front of a secret door, which needs to be opened by pulling some wine bottles in a set order. What order, however, I have no idea. I tried a few times and the game crashed. So I turned it off. Take that, b0rked game!

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