Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

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I made it past the guard who I couldn’t make it past last night (mainly as I was going the wrong way), and had a crate puzzle to deal with. My favourite. This was made harder as you had no way of knowing what you were supposed to do, but I managed it by accident. It turns out you have to push a crate to one position, and stand on it. You can then reach a ledge that you can’t see due to the camera angle. Genius.

Managed to find the remote to open the other gate, which let Nico in. With her help, we made for the roof where George went up a drainpipe, which then collapsed. Nico had to find another way in. I then had to solve a puzzle with her, which involved dying a wig blonde so she could pretend to be Petra, the assassin. Meanwhile, George had more crate puzzles to do, and some oil to find and use on a hatch to let him into the castle. Back to Nico, and she now needs a security card…

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