GTA: San Andreas: GSF 4 LIFE, HOMIE

GTA: San Andreas: GSF 4 LIFE, HOMIE

After taking over the hoods (again), and helping Cesar take back his hood too, it was time to cap Big Smoke. I stole a SWAT tank to bash down the wall to his “Crack Palace” and worked my way through it to find the guy at the top. A short shootout (in the dark), and Smoke was dead. Word, yo.

Then Tenpenny arrived, nicked all the money, and ran off after torching the place. I had to get out of the building while it was on fire, to find Tenpenny escaping on a fire engine. As you do. Sweet thought it best to leap onto the ladder of the fire engine, and so I had to chase it and catch him as he fell. An on-rails car chase/shootout ensued, ending with Tenpenny dead. Hurrah!

And that’s it. The end! You can still play afterwards, to do the side missions (like the quarry, the rest of the flying school, and the heist and stuff) but I’m not bothered with them. I did take one last look around San Andreas by plane, and then tried the Arco del Oeste jump on a PCJ-600 bike, only to fall short. Maybe one day I’ll return for stoppies, wheelies and stunts. But for now, g’night San Andreas.

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