GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

Booyah, Polaski. I popped a cap in yo ass. Well, technically it was a rocket, but you get the picture. Sadly, I couldn’t take Tenpenny down at the same time, but he can wait.

Some more missions for The Truth opened up for me. First, I had to get inside Area 69 and steal a jetpack, and then I had to use it to follow a train and steal some “green goo” from a crate. Bizarre. I now have unlimited use of the jetpack though, which is nice.

I also got sent on a mission to Liberty City, which was pretty good. Although you only get to see a bistro, it is clearly the same one as in GTA III. Then I had to get Madd Dogg his mansion back from some drug dealers, which involved parachuting in with a load of Triads. And finally – Sweet is back out of jail and gangbanging in Los Santos is back on. I’m nearing the end. I can smell it…

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