GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

Decided not to bother with the police bikes, as the heist probably isn’t part of the main story. Instead, I did some more missions for Toreno, which I didn’t realise were available to me until I saw the red glow at my airstrip. Had to fly a plane really low, under the radar, to some point and drop some stuff, then fly back. This was made harder by the twitchiest plane controls EVAR and the fact that the “minimum height” I had to fly at changed as the ground level did too. Not only that, but taking the most direct route took me across restricted airspace and I was shot at by heat seeking missiles.

Made it after a few attempts though. Another mission then involved chasing a plane, that was taking off, on a motorbike, and riding up into it’s cargo bay. Once on board, I had to dodge barrels Donkey Kong style (yes, GTA rips off another game), kill people, and drops charges before parachuting out of there.

More plane hijinks (and hijacks, in fact) on a mission for Ken, where I had to jump from a plane onto another plane, and kill everyone on board. Excellent.

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