GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

My first mission this session was to save Madd Dogg from commiting suicide. This was a little odd, since I’d previously ruined his career and killed him manager. Oh well. Next, I carried on with some bits for the heist Carl and Woosie are planning – including jumping out of a plane over a dam, then planting charges in the dam to blow it up (at a later date, I assume) in order to kill Las Venturas’ power grid. Yes, much like the film really.

Came a bit unstuck when trying to “collect” police bikes, however. The mission is too hard as you don’t have enough time to get all four bikes (which are really spaced out) onto a truck (which keeps moving and is also miles from any bikes at any time. All in 12 minutes. I’d managed three – just – when my time ran out.

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  1. hi my name is sarah i am on the mission madd dogg he keeps jumping off the casino before i can do anything people say it is because i have used cheats and saved but i dont know i am going to keep trying though thanx


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