Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Star Trek: Shattered Universe

So I shot some more Klingons, shot a rock for minerals, then shot some Klingons, then shot a rock for more minerals. Then I shot some Klingons, and then shot a rock. After that, I shot some Klingons, followed by a rock. Then Klingons. Then a rock. And some Klingons. And a rock.

Riveting stuff, no? Finally, with all the Klingons and rocks out of the way, I flew back to the Excelsior. Sadly, there were some Klingons (but no rocks) in my path, so I shot them. Then a great big Klingon ship appeared, and I started to shoot that, but the ISS Renegade came along and scared it off.

So it was off to a Starbase to get repaired. Unfortunately, the Starbase commander cottoned on to the fact I wasn’t on his side, and sent some Kli, uh, Imperial Fighters after me. So I shot them. Then I needed to shoot the docking clamps in the dry dock the Excelsior was docked in. I did, and the dry dock blew up taking the ship with it.

I had another two goes, and exactly the same thing happened. Stupid game.

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