Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Star Trek: Shattered Universe

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This game really doesn’t want you to do much other than shoot things, does it? I finally managed to figure out how to release the Excelsior from the dry dock in time, before some big ships arrived to try and destroy me. But I defeated them, and it was onto the next mission. I had to destroy some more ships, then pick up some dilithium crystals, and then shoot more ships. Then the Enterprise appeared again, so I shot it until it ran away.

The next missionand oh joy! Klingon-rock-Klingon-rock-Klingon-rock! Great. With them all destroyed, some Orion ships appeared. Sulu tells me to destroy them, so I blow one up. Then, ten seconds after it had blown up, I fail the mission. And it doesn’t tell me why. The Excelsior is still in one piece (and Sulu was telling me “Nice shooting!” as the Mission Failed message appeared), as was my ship. How bizarre. OFF!

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