Bubble Bobble: Old & New: POPPED!

Bubble Bobble: Old & New: POPPED!


Probably. After 8976749836 more goes, I finally killed him! And, with his bubble popped, it was time to watch the credits roll… only… what’s this? I only rescued Patty or Tilly or Fluffy or Boris or whatever her name is. “This is not a true ending!” it says. I now need to do it again in two player mode!

Or so I thought. I can actually let the GBA control Bobblen. So off I went to kill Super Drunky Bat Thing again, with “two” players. After a few attempts (Bob’s bubbles kept stunning me and getting me killed, so I only pressed Start to let him join in after I’d bubbled the Drunk), and I completed the game properly. Huzzah! Betty and Sweaty are free!


  1. Level 99… impossible. How do you get out the blummin hole without popping all the bubbles by accident with your spikey feet? Then, if you fluke that, you have to somehow get over to the right to kill the blue dino’s baddies.


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