Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes

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I am going to smash something very soon. I know it. The thing is, it should be easy. All Sonic games are easy. It’s the law. But this one has so many problems that cause you to die through no fault of your own, that it should be shot. I spent an hour playing the Bullet Station level. Not because I was crap – far from it. EVERY death was unavoidable – I fell through solid floor, jumped through a wall instead of up it. Fell off a rail for no reason. Went to Light Dash only to have Tails grab the first in the line of rings, causing Sonic to roll instead and fall off a cliff. Have Knuckles punch a box, to find he follows though afterwards and falls off a platform to his death. Triangle Jumped through a wall. And don’t get me started on the hit-and-miss Pole Spin thing that Sonic does (or rather, doesn’t). And the toboggan bit where you can’t see what you’re supposed to avoid and/or jump as the camera decides you’re obviously psychic.

An HOUR of this. Death after unavoidable death. Completing the level was entirely down to luck in the end.

And then, when I thought it couldn’t get worse, came Egg Albatross. The boss where Sonic’s Homing Attack tends to home in on that completely open space below the Albatross, causing a plummet to death. Then, when you do actually destroy it, you can’t control your characters right after dealing the final blow. So you’re screwed if you’re not above a platform – likely, since most of the level is platform-free. Several hundred lives later, and the off switch was used.

Oh Sonic Team – what on earth have you done?

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