Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes

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Had a slightly less irritating time on this today. The levels I worked through had fewer die-for-no-reason moments. That’s not to say it was all good – far from it. Hang Castle had a few areas where you are given no clue as to where to go, and Mystic Mansion had stupid mine cart sections and some rubbish Sonic/Tails/Knuckles specific bit near the end.

With them out of the way, and joypad surprisingly intact, it was on to Robot Storm. Hurrah – wave after wave of baddies. Again. Rubbish. Decided to quit after I fell off the edge of the platform due to a non-homing homing attack for the 9876874632th time.

Foolishly went back to Team Rose and worked my way through a few levels. I think that Cream’s voice (played by Sarah Wulfeck) might also be Princess Tippi from Ribbit King, although I can’t find any evidence. Whatever, she needs here vocal chords ripping out.

‘Fought’ Team Sonic. Fought as in, beat them without trying at all, in three seconds. Then turned the game off.

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