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Somehow, over the course of today’s play, I bumped into another bug. I lost all my rings, and then picked one up. I then had 999 rings. How bizarre.

Killed all of the million baddies Eggman sent at me in wave after boring wave, and then started on the last few levels of the game. Once more, just like almost every other Sonic game, they’re set on Eggman’s flying fleet of ships. And, like Sonic Adventure 2, there are far too many rails to grind and (unlike SA2) not enough actual platforming. Plenty of falling off the world and into nothingness, however, with even more unavoidable deaths and levels that can only be got through with some luck rather than pure skill. What kind of game mechanic is that? Not a fun one, that’s for sure.

And then there was the end boss – Eggman in a big robot suit. With a sword. And he was alarmingly easy. So, game won, credits roll, and I’m NEVER playing that pile of crap ever again.

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