Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes

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I don’t know why I’m playing this. It’s rubbish. In fact, it is so rubbish, that I could class it as one of the worst games ever made. Ever. There is so much wrong with it I daren’t even start listing them for fear of never stopping.

I’d finished a couple of levels as Team Sonic previously, so I carried on from there. Oh joy – a pinball level. Oh joy more – rails to grind. Oh joy the most – a camera that fails to work causing death simply because you can’t see what is coming. Oh joy – a “boss” level consisting only of ten million baddies one after another.

After dying for the billionth time on the Something Station (or whatever) level due to falling off the edge of platforms for no reason, I quit and started a Team Rose game. Then the impossible happened – I got irritated by a game character more than I do by Tails. Cream’s painfully high-pitched voice, coupled with Big’s retard-speak made me want to kill. One level was all I could take before my head exploded.

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