Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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Well, the South Seas seems the best place to go, after a clue from a Zora. After travelling round in circles in both the past and the present, I finally found the entrance, and within was a lost ship full of the Skull Pirates from Seasons. I was given the Tokey Eye, which fits a statue on the Tokey island I was at aaaaages ago in the game. Back there, and the statue opens, revealing a cave.

After the cave, and a short maze, it was into Dungeon 8 – Ancient Tomb. As expected, it is full of every “feature” of every other dungeon in the game. Blocks, buttons, switches, etc. It does seem to be pretty easy so far though – as I made it to the mid-boss in under ten minutes.

The mid-boss was also very easy, being a Zelda favourite – baddie-chucks-balls-at-you-smack-them-back-at-him.

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