Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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More wandering around Symmetry City, and it turns out I’d missed a house to go in. Got the broken Tuni Nut, and went off to see Tokkey up the mountain. I played my harp to him, and he gave me another tune that now lets be go back to the future (TM) whereever I want. With this, I made it up some wall to get the nut repaired (which involved some silly minigame), and went back to Symmetry City. Oh yes, and picked up some more bomb-carrying-space on the way.

With the nut fixed, and the eruptions stopped, a cave in the City in the present time appeared. And, it is Dungeon 4. Lots of minecarts so far. Picked up the map and compass, and have killed the mid-boss (although technically, he mostly kills himself). No weapon picked up yet though…

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