Kirby Canvas Curse: CONCLUDED!

Kirby Canvas Curse: CONCLUDED!

Yes! Already! I only got it yesterday, but it is already over and done. It seems World 7 didn’t have a boss at the end, and World 8 wasn’t really a level, just a quick run through a couple of easy things and then the boss – Drawica. Once his (or her, probably – it is a witch after all) patterns became clear, she was pretty easy. And then, as was pretty likely going from most games these days, there was another boss afterwards, who was a fair bit harder. The final, final boss has about 2903749823759 different attacks, but after a few lives I’d figured out how to avoid most of them, and then it was deaded.

After the credits, I found I’d unlocked “Waddle Dee Ball” mode, where you play the whole game again, as a Waddle Dee (one of the baddies) instead of Kirby. I had a quick go, and found it to be much the same as before, only the Waddle Dee can’t take on the abilities of baddies.

I then went did some Time Trials, and some Ink Trials, and gained loads of Medals. You “spend” the medals on secrets, which are mainly bonus levels you unlock. One secret, however, was an extra chunk of energy. Tch – I could have done with that before I completed the game!


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