Drifter / 2003 / Miner

Drifter / 2003 / Miner

Ah yes, a trio of awful, shameless ripoffs on a handheld with a design like the PSP, but with the power of a VMU. Excellent.

I am of course, talking about my new Gameking II. It’s like a Gameking, only shaped differently and has a screen light. Not that the screen light is a lot of good, as although it illuminates the screen pretty well, there is now a “backdrop” to the screen – a picture of some mountains – which makes it hard to see the “action”.

The “action” being the three built-in games – Drifter, a Wonderboy clone, 2003, a 1942 clone, and Miner, a Bomberman clone. They’re all almost playable, actually.

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