Rayman DS

Rayman DS

What a poor game. The pre-PS1-era visuals don’t exactly help, but the collision detection, pop-up, clipping, low quality textures and awful camera basically kill it. That, and the fact it was almost half an hour between save points – not good for a handheld game really, is it?

I set about the first level – well, the first bit before the first level and the first level itself. I knew Rayman DS was just a port, but I didn’t realise it was of the Dreamcast Rayman 2 game – which I have a demo of somewhere, so I’d played this bit before. It was reasonable on the DC, but that was mainly due to the lack of most of the problems described above. Regardless, I plowed on through the game until I’d rescued Ly and got to a save point.

At least it doesn’t suffer from Crap Control Syndrome like Mario 64DS does.

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