Kirby Canvas Curse

Kirby Canvas Curse

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It’s like Yoshi Touch & Go, but with actual proper levels! And Kirby! The levels I’ve done so far (the first two worlds) have been pretty good – varied, nice graphics, but very easy so far. I’m only “4.7%” complete though, it seems, so I’m sure things will get harder.

The bosses are a bit different to your usual games too. You have three to pick at the end of each world (the same three each time), and you have to perform tasks to defeat them. Each time you do, they will be harder to kill next time. So basically, if you think King Dedede is easiest to defeat, choose him each time – but later in the game he’ll be really hard. Alternatively, pick each the same number of times, and they won’t be as hard at the end. Or something

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