Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation

Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation

Ludicrous name aside, this is actually a pretty good platformer. See – it is possible to make decent 2D platformers in this day and age.

It’s a shame the tilt sensor is either “on” or “off”, however – there’s no analogueness to it. And my brain doesn’t work backwards well enough to work out I need to tilt left to move everything right, and vice versa. But anyway.

Completed all of the first two “worlds”, which involved turning into a balloon at one point (as Yoshi often does, obviously) and riding pirate ships and stuff. Nice.

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  1. Tilting just isn’t going to catch on. Both this and WWT were big dissapointments, too gimmicky and awkward to control. The d-pad is much better, despite it’s mundaneness. Normal controls next time please Nintendo!


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