Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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I quickly zapped over to the Witch’s hut to stock up on potions before attempting to kill Blind again. I don’t know why I bothered though, as he was really easy this time. I didn’t even need one potion, let alone the three I picked up.

Anyway, with Dungeon 4 finished off, I did some more exploring. I came across a strange frog person, who it turned out was a blacksmith in the Light World. I took him back to his house, and him and his partner tempered my sword for me, making it more powerful. That should help me in the Dark World, certainly, as some of the baddies there take loads of hits. After that, I went back to the fairy in the waterfall, to see if any of my other items I’d since gained could be upgraded by her. I must have missed out with my shield previously, as that was upgraded this time. I also found a wishing well-type cave which I threw rupees into. After 100 rupees, a fairy appeared and offered to upgrade the number of bombs and arrows I could carry. I did that a few more times until I ran out of rupees.

Then it was off to Dungeon 5, which although being in the Dark World, could only be reached from an island in the Light World. It was all ice and snow and stuff in there, so the Fire Rod I’d found the other day was more than useful. The dungeon did loop round and round a lot, and there seemed to be a hell of a lot of backtracking and stuff. I found the “Blue Mail”, more powerful armour, in there too. The boss at the end was really easy. He starts off as a block of ice (gosh, I wonder what you’d need to kill him there?) before turning into three cloud things that drifted round waiting to be smacked with my sword.

And then, Dungeon 6 – Misery Mire. Although the game had hinted it was “impossible to get into”, it was in fact blatantly obvious to find. The dungeon itself was pretty hard though – mainly due to the number of things that shot fire at me which couldn’t be killed. I spent ages working my way around it, but finally found the end boss. Sadly, I had only one heart left by that point, and no potions or fairies to help me regain any energy. So I died.

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