Under the Skin

Under the Skin

Finished a few more levels. I think I’m getting the hang of it now. First up today was Booty Bay again, which I found pretty easy. One trick I’ve found is to try and “prank” the same group of people several times in quick sucession. Also, the sharks are an excellent weapon if you have a hoover – let them out, run and hide, and suck up the coins from a safe spot.

After that was the Casino level, which was a little different in that I had to get more coins than someone else, rather than just get 500 coins. This proved tricky on my first couple of goes as there are “evil aliens” who nick your coins if you’re not careful. On my third attempt, I “broke the bank” during Panic Time, and nipped ahead in the dying seconds.

The last level I completed was Pranksylvania – in which I actually teamed up with someone else to get 500 coins. This wasn’t as great as it sounds though, as he was crap and kept losing them all. Become the priests rather than the zombies was obviously the way to go, since only they can destroy Death (who is somewhat nasty), and in doing so can rack up the coins.

That’s four levels down, four more to go. I think – there may be unlockable levels afterwards, I suspect.

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