Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Hoorah! The World’s Strongest Robots si teh defeat0rised. Again. Turns out they were not quite as difficult as I was expecting this time round, and Pluto only took 326325 attempts instead of 9843965839. After that, it was Stage Hoppathon time, meeting people and collecting “clues”. I would repeat them here, but they’re both spoilers, and completely hatstand. So, fought a huuuuge great ninja robot, jousted with a robot on a robot horse, and generally got very, very confused.

And then the evil Dragonball Z reject baddie (Sharaku?) appeared, and I was forced off into another level. Firstly, there was the world’s hardest shooty bit, with Super Giant Baddies of all sorts, and then, the entire game was let down.

SuckySuck(TM) Bit! GAH!

Boss-after-boss-after-boss, with no respite, no extra energy, and no save points between them. HATE.

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