Astro Boy: Omega Factor: THE OMEGA!

Astro Boy: Omega Factor: THE OMEGA!

Well. Luckily, the SuckySuck(TM) bit was only three bosses long, and, even though the third one was that stupid as-big-as-the-screen dung beetle thing, which kills you if you touch it (but you can’t really avoid it as it’s so huge), I managed it after many, many attempts. I’m sure developers put bits like that in otherwise excellent games just to irritate me.

After that, I had to kill Three Eyes (Sharaku), which was as easy as before only I had to avoid the middle of the screen due to a giant Death Mask thing there. And, finally, the end of game boss. Who was bloody simple. A relief, but also a bit strange.

But wait! That isn’t the end! There’s a bit somewhat like the end of Sonic 2 where you have to fly along and avoid stuff. Luckily, it wasn’t hard.

And then the game was over! Hurrah!

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